Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cult Design

I stumbled upon this website doing some research at work. I'm not normally one to be too bowled over by candle-holders, but this site seems to have some really pretty and thoutfully designed pieces. I have no idea who they are, and I'm assuming this site is wholesale since there doesn't seem to be a shop, but I don't really know as it's all in Swedish. And I'm not.
Cult Design

Monday, June 26, 2006


Happy magazine's porcelain feature caught my magpie eye. Such a breath of fresh air compared to all the chintz that's around at the moment. So technically you could call the over-decoration of some of this stuff chintz, but I prefer to think of it as clean and minimal with a sense of humour - something you don't see a lot of!
Polly George
Thorsten Van Elten
Beyond the Valley
which is, by the way, that shop with the rocking-bench outside - never quite sure if you're allowed to sit on it if you're drinking outside the White Horse.

Porcelain page scanned from Happy July 06

Find Found

Found Magazine can entertain me for hours. There's something very romantic about a small piece of someone's life falling into a particular person's hands.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Music To Dance To

I spotted these gorgeous photographs at LCC's Photography BA Graduate Show. They're part of the collection No Music To Dance To by Anna Schoenborn.

There's a really beautiful silence to them, and a sadness that's offset by the way the well-used, faded relics of happy memories have been left to sit quietly, almost like they're retired. The untouched snow shows they haven't been disturbed giving the pictures a strong sense of dignity. Unlike British theme parks, where all of the original rides that would have been tributes to rose-tinted memories have all been bulldozed to make way for Super Duper Hooper Loopers (or something) where you stand up and spin round and eat a McDonalds all at once - more like a Martin Parr photograph. This location was a real find and photographed beautifully.

Contact Anna at anna.schoenborn@gmx.de


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jaime Hayon's "Showtime" collection

The 'Multilegs Cabinet'. Love the minimalism of the sheer finish, with a little surprise at the bottom - fun without looking like novelty furniture.

The 'Colors vases'. If you only ever need one vase, it's one that looks like a robot from the Jetsons.
Available from www.dalibd.com, Barcelona.
Images from June's Icon magazine.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Hornicator I Want to Hear

Apparently he'll get you in the mood for hornicating...

I can't wait to hear something by this guy - a proper good old 1-man-band who plays with 'mechanical sound-sculptures' - invented stuff then - including The Hornicator (a voice-powered noise generator), Sister Spinster (a cog-propelled drum machine), the Stringaling (which D&C describes as "don't ask", but is my favourite name-wise) and the Cadillac Beatspinner Wheel (a close 2nd). http://www.thomastruax.com/

Another Dazed & Confused spot (great June issue - a bit out of date but it takes me so long to get through the ridiculous amount of magazines I impulse-buy).

I Loeven Julie Verhoeven

Julie Verhoven's fashion story in Dazed & Confused: Svery nice. I love the way there's a real expressiveness in such simple drawings - the sorts of looks that models try but can't quite pull off, ending up looking like they've got something in their eye.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

a weekend with Dave

so last weekend was the Isle of Wight festival - an amazing weekend with ridiculous amounts of sunshine. even worth braving the camping for - I'm not normally one to leave home without my hairdryer. Foo Fighters were great and Everlong was like a mug of hot chocolate when you've been standing in gale-force winds and hail for three hours. lovely.

and we even drank the Skittles Vodka and lived to tell the tale! Skittles Vodka. so wrong but so right.

check out the slightly dodgy photos I took on my flickr page, or the marginally better ones anthony took on www.virginradio.co.uk


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