Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Music To Dance To

I spotted these gorgeous photographs at LCC's Photography BA Graduate Show. They're part of the collection No Music To Dance To by Anna Schoenborn.

There's a really beautiful silence to them, and a sadness that's offset by the way the well-used, faded relics of happy memories have been left to sit quietly, almost like they're retired. The untouched snow shows they haven't been disturbed giving the pictures a strong sense of dignity. Unlike British theme parks, where all of the original rides that would have been tributes to rose-tinted memories have all been bulldozed to make way for Super Duper Hooper Loopers (or something) where you stand up and spin round and eat a McDonalds all at once - more like a Martin Parr photograph. This location was a real find and photographed beautifully.

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