Saturday, July 29, 2006


I love these guys' work - their work is hyperactive and frenetic. A bit like a grown-up 'Where's Wally' sometimes. (slightly more sophisticated perhaps...) I'm looking forward to seeing Magazine magazine - sounds like my cup of tea!

Contact Antoine+Manuel

Paper Voyeur

Paper Voyeur/ r make beautiful patterned wallpapers with a twist - look a little closer...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Toy vs. Macaroon

I've never seen toys look so good. From another blog I can't read but that has some pretty pictures!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Eyvind Earle

Loving Eyvind Earle's art. A hefty nod to Japanese prints without the usual cheesiness, along with a pinch of Art Deco, I think they have a really quiet beauty. I could stare at them for hours depite their immediate impression of simplicity.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Camber Sands

Summer wouldn't be the same without t trip to the sea-side! Camber Sands in Sussex was the spot of choice, and a great one it was too. And I can highly recommend The Pelican chip shop. mmmmm. Really looking forward to going back later in the year, although I have the feeling the windy dunes will be less forgiving once the heat-wave is over.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Modernism at the V&A

I went to the V&A's Modernism Exhibition last week and was really bowled over by the sheer scale of it. There were some really inspiring pieces, and it's hard to believe that most of it is over 70 years old now.

Ladislav Sutnar, 1928.
Sutnar travelled to Barcelona to take part in the International Exhibition, and won a gold medal for this piece representing the new Czechoslovak Republic as a forward-looking nation.

Margaret Bourke-White Machine Dance, Moscow Ballet School, 1931.
Margaret Bourke-White was quite a remarkable woman of her time. Amongst other things, she was the first Western photographer allowed into the Soviet Union, the first female photojournalist for Life magazine, the first female war correspondent and the first woman to be allowed to work in combat zones during World War II. She was the only foreign photographer in Moscow when German forces invaded.
Margaret Bourke-White's Autobiography at

Monday, July 10, 2006

You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful is a simple, powerful statement which is incorporated into the over absorption of mass media and lifestyles that are wrapped in consumer culture.

This statement and the context in which someone finds it gives meaning to its message and purpose to this project. The intention behind this project is to reach beyond ourselves as individuals to make a difference by creating moments of positive self realization in those who happen across the statement: You Are Beautiful.

This is an example of how a really simple idea can develop into something really, well, beautiful. Most of the work on this website (which i stumbled across while having a look through Oh Joy! - not as sarcastic as it sounds...) is produced by a mysterious we. But the thing that really struck me with the piece below was the interactive element - the makers kept returning to find the cups re-arranged into interesting variations. I like the fact the re-arrangers must have felt they were part of something interesting and optimistic, and were happy to participate without quite knowing what it was.

You are beautiful

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

please don't mis-interpret

I like Big Active. I love Sanna Annukka's illustrations. This doesn't mean I like Keane. Alright? Gorgeous colours, beutiful mingly-ness. These are far too emotive and inspiring to be on a Keane album. But at least that means a lot of people will get to enjoy the artwork, I guess. hmm.

Sanna Annuka's website

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sir John Soane was a bit of a hoarder

In fact I'm not sure the word hoarder quite cuts it. The Sir John Soane's Museum is his house as he left it - crammed to the rafters with architectural artefacts, statues, casts of ruins and the odd Egyptian Sarcophagus. Oh, and William Hogarth's The Rake's Progress. The staff are really helpful and friendly, and I'm told the pianist with his back to the viewer is Handel - not a particularly great mate of Hogarth's, and wanted a portrait but thought he shouldn't have to pay for it. So he was added into Hogarth's next series.

Sir John Soane's Museum