Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Modernism at the V&A

I went to the V&A's Modernism Exhibition last week and was really bowled over by the sheer scale of it. There were some really inspiring pieces, and it's hard to believe that most of it is over 70 years old now.

Ladislav Sutnar, 1928.
Sutnar travelled to Barcelona to take part in the International Exhibition, and won a gold medal for this piece representing the new Czechoslovak Republic as a forward-looking nation.

Margaret Bourke-White Machine Dance, Moscow Ballet School, 1931.
Margaret Bourke-White was quite a remarkable woman of her time. Amongst other things, she was the first Western photographer allowed into the Soviet Union, the first female photojournalist for Life magazine, the first female war correspondent and the first woman to be allowed to work in combat zones during World War II. She was the only foreign photographer in Moscow when German forces invaded.
Margaret Bourke-White's Autobiography at Amazon.co.uk

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