Thursday, February 15, 2007



I didn't really get to see much of Frankfurt on my trip. Mainly just the Ibis hotel and the Messe, and a short trip into town to eat one evening. Some of the things I noticed, if you're interested in such a flying visit;
- there's a shop called 'wormland'.
- they really do eat a lot of sausages. I had thought this might be a mis-leadingly comical urban myth. but Frankfurters really do seem to like frankfurters.
- you can get a half decent cup of tea...
- but it might come with coffee cream instead of milk.
- Frankfurt airport has a proper flippy departures board. I miss the one at Waterloo.
- interior design fashion has yet to get it's evil claws into the Ibis.
- however the Italian restaurant we went to (just off the main shopping street if you're interested) was a fetching shade of blancmange pink, and complete with properly argumentative Italian waiters.
- they have proper public recycling bins everywhere.
- smoking is cool

Saw lots of interesting things at Ambiente though. Perhaps when my brain is working properly again I'll stick a few things up here.

If you're really lucky. ooo!

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