Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Animation Weekend

I've had a couple of DVDs sitting on my shelf for a while and hadn't got round to seeing them this weekend, and they were BOTH great! Not just good, absolutely go-and-buy-it-now fantastic. Saturday's showing was A Scanner Darkly, adapted from the novel by Philip K Dick, about a not too distant future where everyone is constantly under surveillance in a battle against widespread addiction to new drug 'Substance D'. It's really beautifully, strangely accurately, animated through rotoscoping. At times you really have to remind yourself that it's animated because your brain kind of tricks you into thinking it's 'real'. Which complements the story quite well, too.

I also finally got around to watching Spirited Away. Again really beautifully animated, and a really charming, lovely, funny and engrossing story. The only other Studio Ghibli film I've seen is Princess Mononoke which I caught on tv a while ago, and I'm definitely going to hunt some more down now...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Vicki! Have seen Spirited Away but not Scanner Darkly, will have to grab that at some point. Happy New Year by the way! x

Tom said...

Hey Vikki.

I got Scanner Darkly on Blu Ray last summer - stunningly good looking in High Definition, almost as good as the eye-melting Corpse Bride.

But the film itself - big pile of wank. I thought the story was utter tripe.

Spirited Away is a thoroughly beautiful story AND animation. Whilst it's not a genre I've really been in to before, I made the effort to see both Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle - both truly charming films.


Vicki said...

Happy new year Rach!

Tom, I thought the story was really interesting, more thoughtful than most hollywood animation (that huge genre, I know) and was still very novel-like, especially the ending.

I'm going to start my Lovefilm subscription again soon and Howl's Moving Castle is definitely going to be on it, looking forward to it!