Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Everything I do always comes back to me"

Sagmeister @ Deitch, originally uploaded by smoonyc.

The CR Blog has a piece about what looks like a really interesting exhibition at the Deitch Gallery New York right now - Stefan Sagmeister's latest. Sagmeister is a great inspiration to me (as he is to many) and this looks especially intriguing as it stems from more personal work (although I think most of his work has a sizeable element of 'him' in it). The 20 'maxims' are themselves just quite nice really - nothing earth-shattering (the fridge-magnet comment isn't wholly unjustified) but it's nice to see a break from corporate identity and other such yawnness, even if it is mainly to promote a book.

The exhibition will shortly be followed by another PR exercise for Michel Gondry's 'new' film, Be Kind Rewind, which looks A.MAZ.ING. I say 'new' as it was obviously written a while ago, seeing as the subject is a video shop, but I'm willing to ignore the fact I haven't watched a video in years in order to see Ghostbusters being re-made with cardboard and tinsel by Jack Black.

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