Friday, May 16, 2008

American Photography 1900-1960

W Evans Subway Passengers, New York, 1938
Walker Evans, Subway Passengers, New York, 1938.

I went to a really interesting lecture last night at The British Museum. It drew largely on the incredible, and very accessible, FSA archive. It highlighted how influential a few photographers in particular have been to contemporary photography and photojournalism, including Dorothea Lange, Helen Levitt, Alfred Stieglitz and of course Walker Evans. They're all worth a good look.

Evans_hale_county, Alabama 1936
Walker Evans, Hale County, Alabama 1936.

Alfred Stieglitz, The Steerage, 1907.

Helen Levitt, New York, 1940.

Dorothea Lange, Woman of the High Plains “If You Die, You’re Dead–That’s All.” Texas Panhandle, 1938.

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