Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm From Barcelona and I have balloons

I'm From Barcelona played a fantastic gig at Koko the other night - possibly the most cheerful, happiest, least pretentious gig I've ever been to. There were balloons! confetti! kazoos! It was great. This much I was, in the far hopeful reaches of my mind, expecting – but there were also some lovely surprises;

- a stagedive in the first song
- a bit of a moshpit (albeit a friendly cuddly one – a new experience in itself)
- a Bryan Adams cover
- a partial Like A Prayer cover
- a fairly heavy rock band playing support (?!)
- a happy song about chicken-pox
- and what can only be described as a 'new rave' ending (although just using that phrase makes me feel too Nathan Barley to be comfortable) by Adventure Kid, doing a chip-tune-type cover of We're From Barcelona.

Also supporting were Connan and the Mockasins (sounded interesting, very unusual. With a proper stand-up bass! A described them as being like "a bag of chihuahuas" which is pretty apt) and Paris Motel who are always good but were particularly great - they played some wonderful new songs. Their 071 E.P. is one of my favourites but I really can't wait for the new album, a little bird tells me it's lovely.

My previous I'm From Barcelona post, with a lovely yellow & grey video.

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