Tuesday, April 03, 2007

William Lanson

William Lanson's photography feels huge, vast and epic. His self portraits are paticularly great - initially a side-project, they are both funny and sincere, alluding to a humour that bubbles away under the surface. They also give a sense of scale to the landscape, and the act of covering his face, for me, means you can read a multitude of narratives into every picture and adds a bit of a sinister edge.

In September of 2004, while I was driving around America working on a project called Encounter, I began photographing myself in the landscape as a means of activating the photographic process when no other subjects presented themselves... ...I went from being an observer.. to a photographic collaborator, physically engaging with the landscape as a form of creative play. ...Although this project began as an exercise, the playfulness, experimentation and sense of humor that emerged from it has come to represent the new way that I approach my work.


Photographs blatantly with no permission at all, copyright William Lamson;

FLIGHT No4 7/21/2004
Polson, Montana
Warner, Oklahoma
Loxley, Alabama

William Lamson
via fiticola


Anonymous said...

Just discovered William Lamson, totally amazing work!

Lovely blog by the way.


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